Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Bread of Life

Jesus said: "I am the Bread of Life", He is also the Living Bread that came down out of heaven.  In contrast to the manna God provided to the Israelites which fed their bodies for a time but did not feed their souls, Jesus is the Bread which feeds and gives life to our soul.
    Jesus said in John 6, He was giving His flesh and His blood and we must eat and drink these in order to have eternal life.  These verses mean we must have the faith in His atoning work which unites us to Him in the closest possible way.  Just as we assimilate food which we eat; by faith we must assimilate Christ into our beings-abide in Him.  Just as the bread we eat becomes part of us, so Christ will dwell in us as we have faith in Him and His finished work for us.
    No one can eat bread for us, no one can drink for us, each of us must do this for ourselves, we must choose faith in Christ for ourselves.
    Jesus said His words are "spirit and life".  A fleshly interpretation of these verses is incorrect, spiritual application is needed.
     These are promises which lead to eternal life.
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     May God richly bless you.

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  1. While on the cross He wept. Jesus, who was in excruciating agony, was so merciful that He prayed for the forgiveness of His executioners. He was offered some wine with a pain killer, myrrh, in it. He refused it. "Later, knowing that all was now complete, and so that the Scripture would be fulfilled and the kingdom established, Jesus said, 'I am thirsty.'" A man dipped a sponge into sour wine; he placed it on a hyssop branch and lifted it up to Jesus lips. He drank. (We recall that it was the hyssop branch which was used to paint lambs blood around the Hebrew's door for the Passover of the angel of death.)

    It was then that Jesus said, "It is finished." He then bowed His head and gave up the spirit to His Father. The fourth cup now represented the lamb’s blood of the first Passover, a saving signal to the angel of death. The Lamb of God was now sacrificed. The last Passover supper of Jesus Christ was now complete with the fourth cup. It was finished.

    The tie in with the Passover is unmistakable.
    The Lamb of God was sacrifice and death was about to be passed over come Easter day.
    The promise of eternal life for many was about to be fulfilled.
    Christ’s Passover was finished, but His mission was not until he rose from the dead.