Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Holy Spirit

We have been discussing Jesus promise in John 14:16, to send the Holy Spirit.  This was part of the list of reasons He gave to the disciples to obey His command 'Do not let your heart be troubled".
   Jesus said the Counselor-the Spirit of God Himself-would come after Jesus was gone to care for and guide the disciples.
The Holy Spirit is the very Presence of God within all believers, helping us live as God wants, and building the Church on earth.  By faith we can have the Spirit's power every day.
    These are some truths about the Holy Spirit and their references;
He will be with us forever  John 14:16
The world cannot accept Him  John 14:17
He lives with us and in us   John 14:17
He teaches us     John 14:26
He brings to our remembrance what Jesus said  John 14:26
He reminds us of Jesus' words   John 14:26 & John 15:26
He convicts us of sin, shows us God's righteousness and   announces God's judgment on evil   John 16:8
He guides us into all truth  John 16:8
He brings glory to Christ   John 16:14

  Hopefully these references with help you to obey the command to not have a troubled heart   John 14:1

God bless you with understanding and faith