Wednesday, October 27, 2010

How do you deal with discouragement?

Do you ever feel tempted to give up?  Do you feel overlooked, forgotten, mistreated and you want to quit? Satan's goal is to get you to do just that-quit.  Discouragement is his favorite weapon.
   Remember; while disappointments are inevitable, discouragement is a choice.
   If you listen to the devil's whispers of doubt and fear, you will quickly find yourself trapped in self-pity.  Soon after that we try to justify feelings of anger, envy and jealousy.  Encouragement rarely comes to those who are trying to justify themselves.
   If we are ever going to reach our full potential, we must realize a very important truth, GOD IS FOR US.  He is not against us. 
   God often uses trials to position us for blessing.  Even in times of disappointment He has our best in mind.  He know how He wants to use the disappointment or hardship for our benefit and He desires that we see Him as our only source of salvation and blessing.
    When you feel tempted to yield to discouragement, go to God in prayer.  Tell Him all you are feeling--the unkind ways you have been treated that do not seem fair.  You can write all this out in a letter to Him, get it out of yourself, don't complain to others.  God knows your future and the direction your life will take.  He wants you to totally depend on Him.  Disappointments will come, focus your heart on Jesus.
     If you are in a difficult place right now, ask the Lord to reveal His will and plan for your life.  Committ yourself fully to Him and pray to obey ot matter what it costs.  If you take this apporach, then God will provide for you in ways that far exceed human understanding.
     From ANSWERS TO LIFE'S QUESTIONS  by Charles Stanley

Friday, October 15, 2010


This week has been the first of the radio broadcasts, an introductory study, making a case for studying the bible.  I cannot encourage you too strongly to know God's Word for yourself.  There is nothing like the accumulation of His Word in your heart and mind to deliver you from the viewpoints of the world, the flesh and the devil and to keep you walking in the light as He is in the light.
    Recently I read this, written over 500 years ago and I found it very instructive;
"The Scriptures show two manner of sacrifices acceptable to God.  The first is called a sacrifice of thanks or praise, and is when we teach and preach God's Word purely, when we hear and receive it with faith, when we acknowledge from our hearts for the unspeakable benefits which through it are laid before us and bestowed upon us in Christ, when we praise and glorify Him, etc.  "Thank the LORD, for He is gracious, because His mercy endures for ever."
      Secondly, when a sorrowful and troubled heart in all manner of temptation has his refuge in God, calls upon Him in a true and upright faith, seeks help of Him, and waits patiently upon Him.  "The sacrifice of God is a troubled spirit; a broken and contrite heart, O God, shall You not despise".  And again: "Call upon me in the time of need so I will deliver you , and you shall praise me.".
     Martin Luther (1483-1546)
    I hope you will listen to the bible study next week as we begin the book of John.  We will be emphasizing Jesus, Who He is and what He had done.  Join us Monday and Wednesday 8 in the morning and 9 in the evening, on WZLP 95.7 Loudonville or live streaming on
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